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We look forward to hearing from our users. If you have any questions, concerns or just simply want to send us a message whether good or bad we will promptly reply usually within 48 hours.

Please send your email to mechanic@homework-guide.com.

Some of Our User Comments

Hello, My wife and I will be moving to Halifax this Jan.1.99 and we have been using your site to locate apt.'s etc. and it has been very helpful so far. One question we have; is there a place in Halifax that we could rent furniture appliances(if needed) etc.??? We are trying not to bring all of our accumulations to Halifax at this time.. Thanks if you have any info and keep up the good work...

Russell Green, Quebec
This response to our site prompted us to set up a directory of useful services that out of province and international users to our site would be able to access to find goods and services necessary for their move to our municipality. You can find this section of our site in Where to find it... If you have anything to add to this section we would be more than happy to include it.

Other Useful Comments includes one from G. Bassett who suggests that we set up a section for our site that pertains specifically to students. Her great idea is detailed below. If you're a student and have anything to add to this please send it along, we always look forward to hearing from you.

Hi there! I'm on the hunt again for a place to rent and I came up with an idea for your site. I havent' seen on your site and don't know if you have current plans for this, but I'll tell you what I have in mind. How about making a section strictly for students? Have a map of HRM that only shows the campuses are of all universities /colleges and then when the student find his/her university, they click on the location on the map and it takes them to a listing of all the available apartments in that area. They could quickly find out if it's close or not. This would be a great way for rental agencies/groups to tap into a resourceful advertising tool. All colleges and universities have internet access, not to mention most students have their own personal computers. Put up posters around universities or advertise in their newspapers at the end of the school year for the following year. I think this has great potential and any person looking to rent their apartments quickly and effectively (they can interview and check out hundreds of applicants in a short period of time) would definitely benefit. So there it is, good luck, great site, keep up the great work!!!!

You can expect to see this type of service before the spring of this year. We just have to rally off campus housing participants together first. But other than that thanks for the idea!!

Every week we receive emails from all over the world. From as far away as Korea, Austrailia, Spain, Kuwait, Bermuda and everywhere else for that matter. If you're planning a long distance move and need to ask specific questions about any of the properties listed here do not hestitate to contact us. We would be very happy to make your move as pleasurable and convenient as possible.
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