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Advertising on our site is easy. By going through some of our listings you'll quickly be able to see what information you'll need to gather to make your section of our site informative to the user. The amount and quality of information is of course what this site is all about.

Information you should gather:

  1. Descriptive text that introduces your site to the user
  2. Contact information including company logos
  3. Good quality photographs and information describing your listing. If you cannot obtain good quality photographs we can take them for you by use of a digital camera. Photographs can be previewed as they are taken.
  4. Floor plans of available units including square footage. If you do not have ready made floor plans simply sketch them out as best as possible including dimensions.
  5. A completed list of apartment amenities
  6. Prices of units and availability. Availability of units can easily be changed on a monthly basis.
  7. Information on the surrounding area such as shopping, daycare and recreation.

To begin the process please contact a sales representative at:
Home Office: (902) 827-1046

or write us at:

Homework Internet Publishing
16 Doyle Drive Porters Lake, NS B3E 1J7

Please send your email to mechanic@homework-guide.com.
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