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Our Monthly Stats are a convenient way to see just how we're doing. Since we keep doing better and better each month we're very proud to show you just how were helping users all over the world find a new place to live right here in the Halifax Regional Municipality.

February 2002 (PDF 36K)
January 2002 (PDF 36K)
December 2001 (PDF 36K)
November 2001 (PDF 36K)
October 2001 (PDF 36K)
September 2001 (PDF 36K)
August 2001 (PDF 36K)
July 2001 (PDF 36K)
June 2001 (PDF 36K)
May 2001 (PDF 36K)
April 2001 (PDF 36K)
March 2001 (PDF 36K)
February 2001 (PDF 36K)
January 2001 (PDF 36K)
January 2000
February 2000 (PDF 86K)
March 2000 (PDF 170K)
April 2000 (PDF 101K)
May 2000 (PDF 133K)
June 2000 (PDF 122K)
July 2000 (PDF 130K)
August 2000 (PDF 247K)
September 2000 (PDF 243K)
October 2000 (PDF 35K)
November 2000 (PDF 36K)
December 2000 (PDF 36K)

Statistics Show the total number of hits for that month as well as the total number of hits since our company began recording these statistics. Also shown are the number of pages viewed for the month as well as the number of visits.

Statistics are only made available here from January 2000 and on. Our statistics are updated during the middle of each month for the previous month. If you would like more information on past statistics please feel free to email us with your question.

To view our monthly stats please select a month from the right hand table. Please feel free to print off a copy for your records.

Please Note: You will have to click your browsers back button to return you to this page.

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