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Where you live shouldn't just include the building you live in. Before deciding on that perfect place to live most of us need to know more than just location and price. There are many factors inside and outside of our home that may add or subtract to our current lifestyles.

These factors insist that we ask questions that cannot be suitably answered by information supplied in traditional forms of advertising. This site is designed for those people who wish to view all available alternatives before narrowing their field of choice...and then packing their bags.

Because we offer a more efficient and economical alternative to property managers to display information they can afford to offer you more material to help you make your final decision. Inside you'll find not only floor plans, but as well a bevy of photographs encompassing everything from individual rooms to available appliances.

Although this site is information intensive its aim is to provide answers to questions you should be asking. We hope you'll find it both enjoyable and informative not to mention an excellent time saving utility that should relieve much of the frustration surrounding apartment hunting.

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